Crate Simple shopify Shopify to make money without riding

Enter your email address in this field. After that, we’ll ask you to create a password for your account and enter the name of the name you’ve chosen into Storeify dropshipping store. Then, you need to fill in a few questions about your experience with e-commerce and some personal information.

Upon completion, your Shopify account will run and run. Next, you need to set up the settings to run Shopify dropshipping.

At this point, see the Shopify dropshipping guide for the newly created Shopify account. This step is necessary to get money from your customers, create business policies, and set shipping charges.

The first thing you need to do is add a payment option to Shopify dropshipping. This is a crucial step because you will not be able to get money from your customers unless you offer payment options.

To add payment information, you need to get to the Shopify Settings page. From here, select the “Payments” tab on the left and add your payment information.

shopify dropshippingWe propose you to add a PayPal account. If you do not have an account, you can register in minutes in a simple process, even if you are not technically trained. You can also view our article on PayPal and other payment gateways.

When you start your own Shopify dropshipping shop, you have to make sure you have the necessary business policy.

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