List of all types of paid research companies and market researchers

Then, despite what the intermediary side means for their “dream job”, it rarely makes you live from paid surveys or other marketing surveys. You will probably be earning or earning extra money or free or discounted goods or services.

Paid surveys and your privacy
Most of the survey sites you are browsing effectively promise that they will not share your personal information or will not share it without your permission. This is an industry standard in which companies involved in marketing research are compulsory. However, in many of the member sites visited there are things that we can promise only in a limited way or in an undesirable manner, although we were promised. Unauthorized brokers do not have to respect the privacy standards of marketing research.

By participating in the membership site, you can allow her or her “marketing partner” to recruit. Especially since the US Federal Trade Commission limits the number of unsolicited calls to telemarketing, and consumers can sign up for the Do Not Call national register, personal data is worth a small amount for direct marketers.

Think about yourself, is it worth to tighten the procedure with potentially dozens of privacy violations, that a few dollars of additional expenses, dishonest lotteries and other symbolic awards do not provide anything in your time Please. Before you register, read these tips to protect your privacy on the Internet. Then, paying some extra money will not be at risk.

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